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live roulette croupierIf live blackjack is the king of live dealer casino games then roulette is definitely the queen. Over the years it’s been recreated in a handful of very exciting, innovative variations. It’s no longer a simple game where the wheel is spun and number predicted, if you don’t want it to be.

Today you can play live roulette with two balls, multipliers up to 500x or progressive jackpots. Of course, you can also opt in for the classic version of the game.

There’s a dozen suppliers, hundreds of tables and thousands of live casinos to pick from. This page is all about educating you on all three, and one you’re done reading it, you’ll be able to make an educated casino, table and supplier choice. Enjoy!

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Vega World Solutions N.V.
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Vega World Solutions N.V.
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No. 1668/JAZ
Not even provided
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Part of a Well Known Rogue Casino Group
Alpha Interactive Solutions NV
Slow (if ever) Payout Processing
No Respect For Problem Gambling
Part of a Well Known Rogue Casino Group
Alpha Interactive Solutions NV
Slow (if ever) Payout Processing
No Respect For Problem Gambling
Part of a Well Known Rogue Casino Group

What's The Secret Sauce For a Great Live Roulette Site?

Every great brand needs its secret ingredient; be that KFC and their spices, McDonalds and their Big Mac sauce or an online casino with the perfect blend of casino games, offers and rewards.

Some casinos go all out on the banking, with dozens of mainstream and more niche deposit methods in a range of world currencies. Others pour on a thick layer of live casino goodness, with as many different live roulette and blackjack game types and developers as they can fit in.

However, the absolute best sites will tick off most – if not all – of the criteria on our carefully designed list. If they do, you know you’re playing a top-tier live roulette site that will never leave you with a bad taste in the mouth.

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Lightning Roulette

For any fan of live roulette, you’ll want to see this electric title from Evolution Gaming on your chosen casino’s books.

With a custom-built art-deco style studio, fantastic augmented reality special effects and pay-outs of up to 1000x your bet – Lightning Roulette is an award-winning experience that is not to be missed.

Of course, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So, you might also be interested in a similar style game from Playtech called Quantum Roulette – which is no slouch of an alternative when Evo’s original is not available.

High Withdrawal Limits

Whether you start out with a big budget, gradually build one up through wins or just get lucky on a 1000x hit on Lightning Roulette – there will come a point when you’ll want to get any winnings you make into your bank as quickly as possible.

The best live roulette sites that we recommend will all have relatively large withdrawal limits, so you can withdraw all your winnings in one easy transaction.

Withdrawals should also be fast too, with a variety of banking methods available such as e-wallets, bank cards and cryptocurrencies.

Evolution Gaming Tables

We’re not usually one to play favorites. However, Evolution Gaming is definitively the best live casino developer out there – so much so, that you’d be missing out if we recommended you a live roulette site that doesn’t have their titles.

This is not to say that other live casino developers roulette games are substandard at all. In fact, Playtech, BetConstruct, NetEnt and others all have excellent live roulette offerings. However, Evolution’s tables are always just one step ahead in terms of overall quality.

The best live roulette casinos will have a dozen or more roulette tables from Evolution. You should find Lightning Roulette and Speed Roulette, and even Dual Play Roulette tables that are streamed from land-based casinos around the world – like the Dragonara in Malta or Foxtons in London.

Roulette Contribution To Bonus Wagering

Sadly, a lot of online casino bonuses for CA players just aren’t applicable to live roulette players.

This is because roulette games offer a lower house edge to the casino, giving more chances for you the player to make money off the back of bonus cash. You can usually use your bonus money to play live roulette, but it will often contribute zero towards playing through your wagering requirement.

The very best sites, however, care about bonuses for all kinds of Canadian players. They’ll usually provide you live roulette fans with a specific live casino bonus – sometimes even directly for roulette.

Dedicated Studios

One of the disadvantages of online casinos using third party developers to supply their live casino games, is that you might end up seeing and playing the same games at many different sites.

A few years ago Evolution Gaming saw a market gap here and enthusiastically jumped in to fill it – by collaborating with individual casinos to build their own custom live tables!

Today there are dozens of casinos that feature dedicated environments in collaboration with Evolution, including:

  • Rizk
  • Green
  • Casumo

And many more. These all include studios purposefully built with each casino’s custom branding, special offers and other extras that distinguish them from Evo’s usual tables.

On top of all that, you’ll only be playing with customers and live dealers from your specific casino. This means you can get to know them over time, for an ever more personalized experience.


Multi Supplier Approach

While Evolution Gaming is the undisputed number one provider, there are plenty of big-name competitors and up and coming studios snapping at their heels.

Just a few of these studios with great live roulette games and fresh takes on the format include:

  • Ezugi
  • NetEnt
  • BetConstruct
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Authentic Gaming
  • Lucky Streak

Some of these developers, like Authentic Gaming, focus solely on roulette and provide unique variants like Double Ball or Golden Ball games.

Others feature ex-Evolution staff members and boast the same premium quality basics that the market leaders are known for.

Whatever style of live roulette you want, these developers might just do something a little different that strikes a chord with you.

The best sites know this and will have live roulette developers from across the board in their collection. So why not try them out today?

Live Casino Promotions

One of the best innovations to come out of the live casino boom, for players at least, has definitely been some of the unique and brilliant promotions casinos can now implement.

Especially with the introduction of custom tables for casinos, operators can now easily add their own twist to proceedings.

For example, any roulette table can now become a Golden Ball game – with one golden spin out of every hundred or so. Or, for example, you might get a 40x bonus for winning a straight up bet on a 4 during the 4th day of the 4th week of each month.

The imagination of a casino’s marketing department really is the limit, and we’ve seen a whole host of fantastic interactive promotions come onto the market over the past few years.

All you have to do, is read our expert reviews to discover the best ones!

Flexibile Betting Limits

Whether you’re a high-roller with hundreds or even thousands of disposable dollars to lay down, or a blue collar worker with just $CAD 10 per week or month you’re willing to play with  – we can guarantee there’s a live roulette table out there for you.

Even high rollers don’t always feel like dropping huge bets every time however, and sometimes even the lowest-budget players can get on a hot streak. For that reason, it’s important that the best casinos have a wide range of betting limits on live roulette.

Any casino that tops our lists will have bets ranging from $0.10 or $0.50, all the way up to a bank-breaking $10,000 or more per spin on some developer’s VIP tables.

Unique Live Roulette Games

We outline the three most common types of roulette in a section below. However, these four unique titles offer something a little different to your usual live roulette gameplay.

One of the major benefits of live casino technology is the space available for developers to put their own twists on this classic casino format. These games fully embrace that idea, adding crazy graphical effects and interesting changes to roulette gameplay that might just make this old school casino game even more thrilling than it already was.

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Lightning Roulette

See our ‘secret casino sauce ingredients’ section above for a full description of this unique game, that adds classy décor and massive win potential to the standard roulette experience.

Quantum Roulette

In a very similar way to Lightning Roulette, this Playtech live roulette game adds cool special effects and massive multipliers to random straight up numbers every few rounds.

These start at 50x but can go up to 5000x on rare occasions. To make up for this massive win potential, straight up bets only pay 29:1 for a win instead of the usual 35:1.

Double Ball Roulette

These type of roulette game does exactly what you might think – they add an extra ball to proceedings each round.

This makes some bets pay less and others pay more. Most interestingly it adds a massive side bet, that can pay out up to 1500x if both balls land on the same number you chose.

Double Ball live roulette games are offered by various developers including Evolution, BetConstruct and Pragmatic Play.

Age Of Gods Progressive Roulette

One of a few live casino games from Playtech to be based upon some of their popular slots titles, Age of Gods is a live roulette game with a huge progressive jackpot that regularly goes above the $1 million mark.

Featuring hosts dressed in togas and other mythological themed décor, this exciting game rakes 1% of all bets to fund the legendary jackpot prize.

The Main Game Types of Live Roulette

Aside from the special versions of the game outlined above, live roulette games mostly fall into the following three categories:

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette

The most common type of game you’ll find is European roulette, without the extra French rules.

The main differences between them are the number of zeros on the wheel and the different bets you are allowed to place. These small changes can swing the house edge by at least a few percentage points, so read on to find out exactly which is the best game from this viewpoint – and why.


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European Roulette

European Roulette is the classic version of the game. Numbers go from 1-36, with only one green Zero on the wheel – on which all bets are voided if it lands. It has a standard house edge of around 2.7%, although this varies between bets.

American Roulette

American Roulette is almost identical to European, except it will have two zeros on the wheel. This increases the overall house edge to 5.4% and so you should avoid playing it if possible.

French Roulette

French Roulette uses a European wheel with one zero but offers a few extra rules that benefit the player. The La Partage rule means that all bets on Odd, Even, Red, Black, High or Low give back half the wager in the event of a zero – instead of nothing.

This increases the house edge slightly, so keep an eye out for games with this rule. This goes especially for players following a basic strategy like the Martingale.

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Live Roulette Suppliers

As it is one of the most popular casino games in both land-based casinos and at online sites, there are plenty of developers out there that offer live roulette – in varying degrees of scope and quality.

You might enjoy playing games from top-tier developers with dozens of tables and impressively modern and high tech studios like Evolution, NetEnt or Playtech. Or you might enjoy lesser known developers with fewer tables and smaller budgets but often big ideas – such as the land casino streaming focused Authentic Gaming or the upstart innovation of Pragmatic Play.

There’s a whole world of different live roulette providers out there and they all offer something different to the proverbial table. We’ll help you pick out the best option for you.

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Evolution Gaming

The big dog of the live casino world, Evolution Gaming is the mainstay that most Canadian players will want to see at their online casino of choice.

From their crisp HD stream quality, to their meticulously designed studios and enthusiastic live hosts – there really is no-one that does the basics better.

And that’s without mentioning their live roulette innovations, such as Lightning Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, VIP Salon Prive Tables, and the tables made in collaboration with individual casinos.

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ezugiA longstanding mid-tier live roulette provider, Ezugi does a lot of things really well but is a little behind in others.

For example, the stream quality is always good and can be adjusted based on your connection. The hosts are usually attractive females with more risqué attire than most Evolution tables, which might interest you – or not.

You can also tip the croupier at any point, and each wheel is played out in a large open studio with half a dozen other tables which gives a real casino floor vibe.

On the downside, the camera in each game is in a static position and doesn’t move. The croupiers at Ezugi tables can also often be less talkative than their counterparts from other studios, although once again some of you might find that a good thing.

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Portomaso Gaming

Portomaso Gaming is a live casino provider based in Malta, the European island nation in the Mediterranean that is home to many gambling companies.

This explains their live roulette offering, which focuses on streaming live land-based casino tables from their Portomaso Casinos on the island.

They don’t have as much dealer interaction as you might get with other live roulette games, but they do feel like your playing on a real working casino floor in action – because that’s exactly what they are.

Game choices include:

  • Fashion roulette
  • 360 roulette
  • Automatic roulette
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Lucky Streak

You’ll only find one or two tables with live croupiers from Lucky Streak – the rest are live streamed video of auto roulette tables.

We weren’t such a fan of this, as it loses some human element, but we’re sure some of you will enjoy it.

Lucky Streak tables come with high limits, up to $15,000 per spin in some cases. The stream quality is good enough for most purposes if not quite up there with Evolution or Playtech, and there’s only one or two camera angles per game.

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playtechUp there with Evo, Playtech is one of the better live roulette providers out there. They’ve been developing online casino games since the mid-1990s, so you’d expect them to be near the top.

Since Evo started upping their production levels a few years ago, Playtech has only ever been one or two steps behind.

Recently they introduced their own bonus multiplier roulette game, called Quantum Roulette. Whilst it doesn’t quite have the same visual panache as Lightning Roulette, it certainly adds some sweet prizes and nice effects to the standard experience.

Aside from that, you’ll find Playtech provides speed and auto roulette – with a convenient bet creator feature and enthusiastic live hosts.

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Authentic Gaming

authenticgaminglogoDedicated solely to streaming roulette from real land-based casinos around the globe, Authentic Gaming live roulette feels, well, authentic.

Despite the initially shabby appearance of some of their international tables, Authentic’s betting interface works really well and the casino floor feel is transposed to the online world in a great fashion.

Just a couple of their titles include:

  • Foxwoods Roulette (USA)
  • Royal Roulette (Denmark)
  • Aspers Roulette (London)
  • St Vincent Roulette (Italy)
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Pragmatic Play Live

A few years ago, Pragmatic Play set out with a vision – and that was to improve their basic live casino games to be as good as those from Evo and Playtech at the top of the market.

Did they succeed? In our expert opinion, absolutely yes.

Although they might not have their own unique and crazy multiplier roulette tables just yet, Pragmatic Play does the classic format justice in just about every way.

Bets are easy to make, with an expandable overlay and everything is streamed in crisp HD with multiple camera angles.

The biggest drawback to the Authentic roulette experience right now is their smaller choice of tables – only three at our last look. However, when your base gameplay is as good as this you don’t need to over-complicate things with lots of tables.

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Vivo Gaming

Whilst Vivo might not be up to the stream quality of the top-tier providers of live roulette, they still offer a decent approximation of casino roulette fun.

There’s an easy-to-use betting interface, and multiple camera angles in decent quality – although you may occasionally have to wait a few seconds for the stream to load up, even on a good connection.

The main attraction with Vivo though, is the variety of languages available. There are live dealers speaking Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and you’ll find the game menus and information in over 20 different world languages. Not bad at all!

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Betconstruct Live Casino

BetConstruct live roulette has great streaming quality, but only two static camera angles from which to enjoy it. They also only offer two types of table – auto and standard, both of which use a normal European wheel.

One great feature with BetConstruct is that most casinos will let you play their tables with practice money (once you have an account), something which is quite rare in the live roulette world.

They also offer their unique game, Zodiac Fortune . This game plays like a roulette wheel but smaller, with only 12 sections that correspond to the star signs of the Zodiac. Payouts might not be as potentially high as Quantum or Lightning Roulette, but for players looking for something a little different from their live roulette gameplay you could definitely do worse.

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VIG (Visionary iGaming)

Based out of Costa Rica, Visionary iGaming’s roulette setup may look a little dated at first, but it offers a great casino floor atmosphere and some unique features.

For example, you can tip your live dealer at any time – and each table has three different bet limits you can choose from.

These might not be the best tables for super high rollers though as the top limit is usually around $500 per spin.

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Asia Gaming

As you might expect, Asia Gaming tables are mostly marketed at Asian players. The default language for their sole roulette table is in Chinese, although a few European options and a load of Asian languages are also available.

We found their tables to be quite slow to load, although once setup the roulette experience was towards the higher end of the market with crisp stream quality and a smooth betting overlay.

Although we should say that both the live dealers’ commentary and the menu were in Chinese, which could be a barrier for new players to roulette who don’t speak the language.

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The design and style of Fashion TV’s solitary roulette game was certainly fashionable – with classy décor and music in abundance.

However, the table was fairly slow to load the (albeit clear and quality) stream and our live croupier seemed to be on the verge of falling asleep at points.

Fashion TV’s studio looks great though, and the small size means you can hear all the chatter and business of the other tables in the room. Not bad!

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XPG (XPRO Gaming)

Xpro Roulette has reasonable stream quality and large betting limits. You can also play up to three tables at one time, using their multiplay feature. However, be warned, if you use this feature its best to have your bets pre-prepared – because selecting single squares on the roulette grid with three games open is always going to be tough.

Xpro offers various types of roulette including:

  • Auto roulette
  • Fast Roulette
  • European
  • American
  • High limit
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One of the strangest ‘live’ roulette offerings we’ve seen, Fazi automatically hides the live screen under the full screen betting interface – which is just a bit rubbish in our opinion.

It also overdubs some computer generated sounding audio over the live croupier’s voice, which is a bit of an odd choice as well.

The stream does look good however, when you can see it, with multiple changing camera angles to highlight every moment of the action and some surprisingly high quality definition.

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bonus solid

Live Roulette Bonuses

Not all live roulette bonuses are created equal.

In fact, your typical online casino bonus for Canadian players might not even be useable on live roulette at all.

And, even if it is playable, it’s unlikely that roulette bets will contribute to any wagering requirements you need to complete before withdrawing any bonus winnings.

Bonus terms are also notorious for being occasionally complex at best and other times deliberately obtuse.

The best live online casinos will set out their bonus terms like these below – and explain them in simple English with minimal legalese or other technical jargon.

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Live Roulette Contribution %

Most online casino bonuses require you to gamble a certain amount times your initial deposit before you can withdraw. Otherwise, they’d just be giving out free money.

Different games contribute different amounts to this ‘playthrough’ or ‘wagering’ requirement – with slots usually at 100% and live casino games on 10% or less.

If you can’t get 100% contributions from a live casino specific bonus, look for at least 10% to 25%. If you can only find 0% on live roulette and you’re sure this is the game you want to play, then consider skipping the bonus or coming back to us to find a different casino.

Maximum Bet

Some casinos will limit the maximum amount you’re allowed to bet using bonus funds. This means if you bag a big win, you can’t just instantly put down the whole value of your playthrough requirement to get it done in one bet.

The limit could be a flat limit of say $10 or $50. Or, it could be as a percentage of your initial bonus amount.

These terms actually aren’t overly common to see. Nevertheless, we’ll make you aware of them in our bonus reviews when they do come up.

Maximum Withdrawal Amount

A few strict casinos might limit the maximum amount you can withdraw from any wins off bonus funds. This is one of the worst terms you’ll find a bonus, and you’ll usually want to completely avoid bonuses that use it.

We’ll tell you if a casino includes this is in their offer, so you can have full disclosure before you take them up on it.

Deposit Method Restrictions

Some casinos will only make bonus offers available to those who deposited using a certain banking method.

A few unscrupulous casinos (sadly there are some) will even let you take up the bonus and then only let you know in the small print that you won’t be able to withdraw any bonus winnings if you deposited using a particular method.

We’ll let you know about all of these in our reviews – but we’ll also show you the very best sites that don’t have any catches or hidden rules like this in their bonus terms.

Roulette Table Coverage Rules

Almost all casino bonuses won’t let you place low-risk bets using roulette bonuses. These usually include bets that cover more than 50% of the possible results on the board, such as a wager on both Red & Black or Odd & Even.

The risk is not zero for you, as there’s a 1 in 36 chance the ball could always land on the Green Zero, but bets like this have a very low house edge. This means canny players could use them to play through their wagering requirement with very little chance of losing – so casinos mostly won’t allow you to do so.

These kind of bets are also used in popular strategies like the Martingale, which can be a low risk-low-reward way of playing roulette if you have a solid understanding of how it works.

Bitcoin & Other Crypto

Bitcoin is a decentralized online currency, known as a cryptocurrency, that was first put on the

market by an anonymous user in 2009. By 2017, it reached a peak value of $20,000 per coin.

Other cryptocurrencies soon sprang up too, with varying degrees of success.

The main attraction of cryptocurrencies is their ease of use and their anonymity. If you, for any legitimate reason, don’t want people to easily track your gambling – or if you’re just a fan of higher security – live roulette play using a cryptocurrency might be for you.

Cryptos can also be used to make high value transactions in a simple manner, as 1BTC is worth a relatively large amount. Because the exchange rate fluctuates so much compared to normal currencies also, investing in crypto is almost like gambling in itself which is obviously attractive to online casino fans.

Just some of the dozens of online casinos that offer live roulette and cryptocurrency deposits to Canadian players include:

  • King Billy
  • io
  • BitStarz Casino
  • 22Bet
  • MBit
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The OG granddaddy of the crypto scene, you’ll find Bitcoin at every site that offers cryptocurrency deposits. Some sites, such as BitCasino.io, will even let you play the games in BTC – instead of converting it back and forth with Canadian Dollars.

Today one Bitcoin is worth about C$12500, although the price does fluctuate rather wildly.


Litecoin was started in 2013 by a former Google employee. It uses a slightly different way of processing the blockchain transactions, that they say makes it up to 2.5x faster to use than Bitcoin.

One Litecoin is today worth about $C60, although it peaked about $C370 in late 2017.


Originally founded as a joke based upon the popular internet meme involving a cute Japanese hunting dog, Dogecoin has been the fastest growing crypto in terms of coin numbers for a while now.

Sadly though, despite having billions of coins in circulation, 1 Dogecoin is only worth $C0.003 at today’s market rates. That’s down from a peak of $C0.017 in 2017. Dogecoin is now mostly used as a tipping system among internet forum users, such as on Reddit.

So, if you want to play live roulette with Dogecoin deposits you’ll be looking at purchasing 3000 or more to make the minimum deposit.


A slightly more technical (and valuable) crypto, Ether is the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum operating system – for super technical computer wizzes interested in creating cryptocurrency applications.

You can, however, definitely also use it to gamble and play live roulette. One Ether is today worth a cool $C283.

Live Casino Related FAQs

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