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Live dealer casino games have gone from basic live blackjack and roulette to a completely new form of entertainment. These days you have a selection of lotteries, game shows and innovative variations of already old games that implement the excitement of potentially life changing wins into a live casino environment.

On this page we’ve prepared video previews of the most popular tables and games so that you can take a look at them and decide which one might be best for you, before having to open up a casino account and deposit real money into it.

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❤️ #1 Live Roulette

Video Preview
lightning roulette
Lightning Roulette
Video Preview
Instant Roulette (EVO)
Video Preview
spin and win roulette playtech
Spin & Win Roulette (PlayTech)
Video Preview
quantum roulette playtech
Quantum Roulette (PlayTech)
Video Preview
American Roulette (EVO)
Video Preview
double ball roulette evo
Double Ball Roulette (EVO)
Video Preview
immersive roulette evolution
Immersive Roulette (EVO)
Video Preview
french roulette live
French Roulette (EVO)

Live roulette is typically one of the first games a live casino supplier adds to their portfolio. Outside of the typical American, European, French game types there are various quite innovative game types.

Lightning Roulette and Quantum Roulette both implement random multipliers on numbers that are shown before every spin. These go up to 500x!

Double Ball Roulette has two balls and landing them both on the same number can get you a payout of 1200 to 1!

Spin and Win Roulette offers random multipliers on all the numbers between 17x and 99x! You win some, you lose some, eh?

Then there’s also faster live roulette tables for those looking for constant action. Instant Roulette from Evolution Gaming incorporates a dozen wheels into a single interface, one you place your bets and are ready to go the camera moves to the roulette wheel that’s ready to go. Epic!

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♠️ #2 Live Blackjack

Video Preview
Infinite Blackjack (EVO)
Video Preview
Free Bet Blackjack (EVO)
Video Preview
Quantum Blackjack (Playtech)
Video Preview
Speed Blackjack (EVO)
Video Preview
Power Blackjack (EVO)
Video Preview
Ezugi Live Blackjack
Video Preview
Lucky Streak Live Blackjack
Video Preview
Pragmatic Play Live Blackjack

The heart and soul of any live online casino – live blackjack. Just like roulette there’s much more available than just a typical table with some side-bets.

Infinite Blackjack offers 5 side-bets and an unlimited blackjack concept – a seat for you is always available.

Free Bet Blackjack gives you a free double or split bet whenever you’ve got 2-9 for the splits and 9-11 for the doubles. The way they can afford this is via pushing all hands when the dealer gets 22.

Power Blackjack lets you double, triple or even quadruple your stake after the first two cards are dealt. The difference from regular blackjack here is that all 9s and 10s are removed from the decks.

Quantum Blackjack follows a similar concept to Quantum Roulette – you can earn a multiplier on your payout up to 1,000x. Who said blackjack has small payouts?

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♣️ #3 Live Casino Poker

Video Preview
Side Bet City (EVO)
Video Preview
Casino Hold'em (EVO)
Video Preview
Ultimate Texas Hold'em (EVO)
Video Preview
Three Card Poker (EVO)
Video Preview
Caribbean Stud Poker (EVO)
Video Preview
Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker (EVO)

Casino Poker is relatively popular with live dealer suppliers as well. You get a a handful of different variations with Evolution, Ezugi, Playtech and Vivo Gaming leading the way in this niche.

Some of the most common versions offered are Three Card Poker, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker.

As usual there are a couple of innovations in the field too, namely Side Bet City from Evolution Gaming. This is a 3 card poker based game with a ton of side bet options predicting whether the next three cards drawn will form a straight, flush, trips and so on.

There’s also a progressive jackpot available at Evolution’s Caribbean Stud Poker live tables.

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🎡 #4 Live Game Shows

The days of live casinos offering nothing but subpar blackjack and baccarat are, thankfully, long gone and with a huge improvement in tech comes a reshuffling of the game library.

There’s now an almost unlimited number of directions that gaming companies can choose to travel and there are some exciting things launching from big and small providers alike. Amongst the mix sits the king of the live casino, Evolution Gaming who are pioneering a movement towards a game show entertainment experience rather than hardcore gambling.

It doesn’t take a genius to see their thinking and with a community of players ready and waiting to play some of the biggest gameshows from the comfort of their front room, there are bags of excitement to be collected.

Deal Or No Deal Live

Video Preview

Created in partnership with Endemol Shine, Evolution Gaming’s venture into the world of game shows with Deal or No Deal Live is one of the best live games available to date.

Players are able to get to grips with the hit TV show in a unique format and fantastic host offering huge cash prizes and valuable multipliers offering 24/7 excitement.

Players begin by spinning a three-reel bank vault in an RNG-based qualifying round with the spins determining the amount available in the biggest prize by 75x-500x.

Once players have qualified they’ll be taken to the prize top-up round where they’re able to claim multipliers between 5x and 50x, increasing the prize money in the 16 briefcases available.

Following this, it’s the chance for players to get to grips with the live hosted game show where they’ll battle with the theology of the game – to predict whether the amount of money in the remaining briefcases will be higher than the Banker’s offer.

Dream Catcher

Video Preview

Live online casino games don’t come much simpler than Dream Catcher, a money wheel-based live game developed by Evolution Gaming to mimic that game show feel.

Enter the game and you’ll find a colourful set, flashing lights and charismatic host chatting away to the players in the game as they periodically turn to spin the giant wheel behind them.

There’s nothing tricky to understand in this game as players are simply required to bet on the number that they’re predicting that the wheel will come to a stop at.

Numbers on the wheel include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40 and, if the player manage to wager on the correct number they’re able to win the corresponding payout (e.g. 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 5 to 1 etc).

But there’s a couple of extra interesting segments featured on the wheel that all players love to see the wheel land on with both 2x and 7x bonus spin multiplier available, offering the potential for some seriously super-sized payouts.

Monopoly Live

Video Preview

There may be hundreds of different iterations of the game, but I don’t believe that anyone was expecting a live online casino game to pop up, but in April 2019, Evolution Gaming showed the world it was possible.

The game isn’t quite as tedious as the original board game and instead of rolling a digital dice and hopping a little metal car along the corresponding number of spaces and, when logging on, players will instead find a charismatic host and giant wheel ready to spin.

There are 54 equal segments on the wheel with 48 segments labelled 1 (Win 1x your stake) appearing 22 times, 2 (Win 2x your stake) appearing 15 times, 5 (Win 5x your stake) appearing 7 times and 10 (Win 10x your stake) appearing 4 times.

What are the other 6 segments we hear you yell? That’s where things get really interesting with 2 Rolls (Launches 2 rolls of the dice on the board) appearing 3 times, 4 Rolls (Launches 4 rolls of the dice on the board) appearing 1 time and Chance – appearing 2 times.

It might take some getting used to, but it’s a fantastic game giving a modern twist to a cult classic.

Mega Ball

Video Preview
mega ball logo evolution

The first of the lottery-inspired live games from Evolution Gaming comes the fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing Mega Ball.

With the trademark colourful studio, glamorous host and focus on the fun that we know and love from the software giant, Mega Ball looks just as good as it plays.

The main focal point of the set is the plastic container complete with 51 multi-coloured numbered balls that looks more at home in a mad professors laboratory than it does an online game show, but Evolution makes it work.

The aim of the game is simply to make as many lines as possible for the potential to win big. Players are given cards that coincide with the numbers inside the bizarre central machine and all they’re required to do is to set the value of and purchase as many cards as they feel like (up to 200 per round).

A total of 20 out of the original 51 are drawn from the machine in quick succession with the game automatically daubbing the drawn balls on the player’s cards. The real fun comes with the final ball drawn with a Mega Ball multiplier between 5x-100x with the potential to provide some seriously sizeable wins.

🎲 #5 Craps & Dice Games

Video Preview
Live Dealer Craps (EVO)
Video Preview
Lightning Dice (EVO)
Video Preview
Super Sic Bo (EVO)
Video Preview
Dice Duel (BetGamesTV)

Until recently live dealer dice games were rather boring. Then came Evolution gaming and as usual redefined the niche.

Now you can play live dealer craps (an industry first) as well as Lightning Dice and Super Sic Bo, both of whom have randomly generated multipliers.

Outside of that, there are still some other (the boring ones) live dealer tables involving dice, such as the Dice Duel from BetGamesTV. We’d definitely recommend looking in the EVO ones instead.

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♦️ #6 Live Baccarat

Video Preview
Lightning Baccarat (EVO)
Video Preview
Dragon Tiger (EVO)
Video Preview
Speed Baccarat (EVO)
Video Preview
Baccarat Squeeze (EVO)

Baccarat has been popular in Asia for ages, but it’s the live online casino industry that really brought and made it in Europe.

When it comes to live dealer play there are a few interesting variations that are worth being pointed out.

First, we got Baccarat Squeeze where cards are slowly opened (squeezed) with HD quality camera zoomed in real close. Then you got a similar version called Control Squeeze. This is where you actually get to control the squeeze with your mouse.

And of course there’s Lightning Baccarat with multipliers who don’t feel enough thrill from the above two.

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⚡ "Lightning" Live Casino Games

We’ve massaged the ego of Evolution Games bosses more than enough throughout the course of the page, but they’ll be pleased to know that we’re not quite finished just yet.

One of the biggest, best and most revolutionary concepts coming out of the Evolution Gaming studios come the “Lightning” Live casino games. The brainwave from the company opened up live casino games to the masses with excitement for table gamers, slots players and even bingo fans suddenly available in the art-deco setting of the Lightning games.

The reinvention of roulette and baccarat alongside the pioneering development of the one-of-a-kind Lightning Dive has revolutionized the live casino industry. Players are now seeing the huge potential of live casino with stake multipliers in the hundreds (or even thousands) available in traditional games, combining both old and new to make something truly special.

We are huge fans of the Lightning brand offered by Evolution Gaming and, given a chance, we’re sure you will too!

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Lightning Roulette

Video Preview
lightning roulette

Winner of both the Product Innovation of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards and Game of the year 2018 at G2E Las Vegas and EGR, Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming definitely comes with some impressive credentials.

The idea of Lightning Roulette is to combine a typical live roulette game with the high-payout excitement that comes from the highly volatile nature of RNG lucky number wins. With this recipe, Evolution Gaming created a game that not only caters to hardcore roulette players, but fits nicely with the slot-playing community.

There’s a number of extra chances to win big in every single round during Lightning Roulette and although the live wheel, the dealer and line-up of Roulette bets remain, players can expect to find between one and five Lucky Numbers to be dramatically stuck by lightning and multiplied between 50x and an impressive 500x.

Lightning Dice

Video Preview
lightning dice logo png

When brainstorming the “Lightning” brand, Evolution Gaming came up with some absolute gems that they’ve kindly gifted to the masses and perhaps the most unique of the bunch is Lightning Dice.

The game starts out with the glamorous and always charismatic host dropping three standard dice into the transparent ‘Lightning Tower’. Players simply bet on what they believe the summation of the three dice will equal when they finally clatter to the base of the tower.

Fancy camera work allows players to keep an eye on their lightning dice and keep up close and personal with the action as they traverse through the mazes within the tower. Following the betting time, players will “lightning strike” on the random “lightning numbers” highlighted on the betting grid.

This is where the real fun begins as each number is allocated a multiplier as large as 1000x, allowing players to win huge sums on every single bet!

Lightning Baccarat

Video Preview

Last up in Evolution Gaming’s Lightning brand lineup comes Lightning Baccarat, an electrifying live dealer baccarat complete with the signature lightning card multiplier.

Just as players would expect, wagering options on Player, Banker, Tie and side bets exist just as they would in traditional baccarat, the difference comes in the addition of high-payout RNG wins.

Each round features 1-5 random “Lightning Cards” drawn from a standard 52-card deck, alongside rand payout multipliers. If a player earns a win with a hand containing one or more matching Lightning Cards, they’ll find themselves with some generously multiplied winnings (from 2x to 8x).

The multipliers might not sound like much, especially when compared to some of the other games in the Lightning lineup, but they soon add up. Players will see their multipliers stack up with the maximum bonus of 512x (8x8x8) coming from three matching cards with the most impressive assigned multipliers.

But the boasting of the biggest wins doesn’t stop there and players are able to claim much, much bigger jackpots with a winning bet on a Tie with six matching Lightning Cards resulting in a multiplier of 262,144x  up to a cap of $500,000 (plus the player’s bet). Now that’s a multiplier worth bragging about.